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NAMWEL Tours is a branch owned by WELWITCHIA TRADING INVESTMENT CC a company engaged in tours established in Windhoek whith professional service and based in Windhoek - Namibia. We provide the best tours around Namibia, Angola, Botswana.

Traveling experience with us is enhanced by knowledgeable and ever so friendly Tours NamWel Tours is guiding you through your journey; a set of like-minded people to keep company, let’s face it travelling in individula, couple and in the groups is fun; and lastly, savings! Made affordable and tailored to suit your needs, these tours are amongst the best offered around Namibia and SADC regions.

We offer a variety of packages for your benefit, from shuttles to transfers, excursions to adventures car rental and much more.

We give you the best, sharing our experience, knowledge and information. We welcome any further enquires on our website find us on Facebook@namwel6 and on Twitter@namwel6.

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